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Get a taste of Hong Kong at Hennessy HK Food Hall

Serving You Delightful Authentic Hong Kong Cuisine
Hennessy Hong Kong Food Hall is the place where you enjoy a feast over a table full of Hong Kong delights. Showcasing traditional and contemporary Hong Kong favourites such as succulent Roast Meats, nutritious double-boiled Cantonese Soups, traditional Congee, and handmade Dim Sum.


ManFook Hong Kong Roast Meat | Renowned for its array of authentic Cantonese Roast Meats, ManFook uses only the freshest premium ingredients to bring out the flavours and textures. Customers can look forward to a tenderizing and flavourful roast meats in every bite.


Man Ho Cantonese Soup | At Man Ho Cantonese Soup, we use natural and the freshest ingredients to create affordable wholesome soups which not only taste good but also packed with nutritional goodness to the body and soul. And it’s the prefect start for any meal!


Wing Hing Café | Treat yourself with a wide range of Hong Kong Traditional beverages including the well-loved Yuan-Yang Coffee & Tea and refreshing Iced Salted Lemon Soda and many more to quench your thirst at the end of each day.


Cheong Shun Dim Sum |For every dim sum created is crafted with the freshest ingredient to produce the authentic flavour of Hong Kong dim sum. Indulge in dim sum classics such as Steamed Prawn ‘Har Gao’ and Pan-Fried Radish Cake with Chinese Sausage and many more!


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