Tiong Bahru Yong Tao Hu

Tiong Bahru Yong Tao Hu is known for its Bean Curd stuffed with premium fresh fish paste. Each bowl of Yong Tao Hu is a mixture of Fishball, fried Tofu (Tau Kwa), steamed Tofu, and fish paste wrapped in Beancurd skin (Tau Kee). It usually comes in a clear and tasty soup, paired with Bee Hoon, Yellow Noodles or Kway Teow. The dry option allows you to drench each bowl in homemade chili or sweet sauce, which add a new dimension to the taste and flavour of each ingredient. The Laksa Yong Tao Hu has also been well-received by diners. Come and visit us today at #01-29 Leisure Park Kallang to savour our specially handmade Yong Tao Hu. To complement your meal, we have a range of tasty side dishes available, such as Steamed Otah, Fried Fish Cake and Prawn Rolls.

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