LIMS Legacy

Our founder, the late C.P. Lim, was 12 years old when he left his hometown in Swatow, China for Singapore in search of his Nanyang Dreams.

As a young man, he peddled along the streets of Singapore selling eggs and later became an apprentice under master wood carver at the former C.K. Tang. It was there where he learnt and mastered the art of teak and camphor wood chest carvings and gained an appreciation of fine furniture, Chinese antiques and Asian arts & crafts.

Since 1959, he co-founded and started several businesses throughout Singapore. With a keen entrepreneurship, Mr. C.P. Lim set up workshops at Kim Keat Road, Cheng San Road, Jalan Kayu and Changi Village. In 1970, Lim’s Arts & Crafts – opened in Holland Road Shopping Centre and has since become a household name amongst Singaporeans for eclectic and ethnic lifestyle products.

For more than 60 years, Lim’s has established a loyal following of customers that enjoy its treasure trove of collectibles. 3 generations and continuing, the C.P. Lim Legacy – the new LIMS is here.

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