HockHua Tonic

Established in 1986, Hockhua first started as a wholesaler of American Ginseng imported from Canada. Soon after, the four founders of Hockhua saw the need for traditional health products in the market and began importing quality bird’s nest. In 1989, the first Hockhua Ginseng Bird’s Nest outlet opened in Hougang, and Hockhua was set to realise the potential in the traditional medicine market.

As Hockhua began developing, we started to bring in herbs, medicines and health products. In 1992, we moved into the retailing of traditional medicines and remedies on a full scale.

Hockhua’s retail business was driven initially by Hockhua Tonic, Hockhua Herbal Tea, Oriental Herbal Tea and Fresh Fruit Stores. As the demand for traditional medicines and remedies increased, Hockhua expanded and restructured our operations to meet the market’s needs. We strengthened our retail offerings while ensuring our competitive edge with reasonable pricing for quality products.

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