Filmgarde Cineplexes

Filmgarde believes that films are an integral part of our cultural fabric as much as they are a popular form of entertainment. Founded in Singapore in 2007, Filmgarde has since established ourselves as a keen supporter of the local film industry and an advocate of film literacy. Bucking labels or conventions to identify ourselves as a commercial cinema or an arthouse theatre, we simply believe that good films should be shared with an audience.

Known for our standards in Cinematic Technology, Filmgarde became the first Cineplex in Asia to be fully-fitted with the next generation format of Immersive 3D Sound in cinema: AuroMax® 24.1 by Auro Technologies and Barco, and the first in Singapore to launch a Cinema Website, Mobile App and Self-Ticketing Kiosk all on a Bilingual Platform (English and Chinese) for wider accessibility and reach in 2018.

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